Vinegar is great, but not when cleaning these things.

6 Things You Should Never Use Vinegar When Cleaning
Vinegar is great, but not when cleaning these things.

Most of us know that vinegar is amazing—we can use it for everything from cleaning our windshields to unclogging a drain.
But did you know that there are certain things you should never use vinegar for? Here are six things you should leave the vinegar under the sink and out of reach.
1. Never Use Vinegar On Your Computer Monitor Or Smartphone
Your computer screen may start to look blurry from fingerprints, but that doesn’t mean you should clean it with vinegar. If you do, it could eliminate the oleophobic (a fancy word for oil-resistant) coating on the screen, which will create a bigger problem.
Instead, use a microfiber cloth. You can even get this PhoneSoap Patch, which is a microfiber cleaning pad that you can travel with for any last-second phone-cleaning.

2. Never Mix Vinegar With Bleach
You may think it’s fine to mix vinegar and bleach—think again. If you do, a toxic chlorine gas is…

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